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Modern Home Flexible Silicone Toilet Brush

Modern Home Flexible Silicone Toilet Brush

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The brush that makes your toilet impeccably clean

easy to get tangled in hair, not easy to drain, leaking water at the bottom of the base, easy to fall off the wall, poor cleaning ability, one-time brush is not clean.

Tired of classic brushes that seem dirtier than clean after a few uses?

BRUSH is the ideal solution for a thorough cleaning of your toilet! The flat head and silicone tips ensure a thorough cleaning of every corner of your toilet. In addition, the silicone tips do not retain impurities and dry in a flash. No more bad odors, no more standing water in the holder and no more residue on your brush.

A gif demonstrating the use of the BRUSH toilet cleaner

The silicone brush is the most hygienic option available.

Silicone tips hold less dirt than synthetic fibers. Shorter and more widely spaced, they do not drag anything into the brush holder, unlike conventional synthetic brushes. Silicone, being less porous than synthetic, also allows for a significantly reduced drying time. Less dirt, faster drying and less opportunity for bacteria to multiply.

A gif demonstrating the use of the BRUSH toilet cleaner

 Our new toilet brush is made of TPR material, which is flexible and does not hurt the toilet and gets rid of hair entanglement.

Hole-free design, can be firmly attached to the wall, very space-saving.

Completely remove gaps, remove stains at one time, rinse after use, as smooth as new.

Your toilet brush becomes a decorative object

BRUSH is not only hygienic, it is also very elegant. With an attractive wall mount and a small sticker included in the package, it will perfectly match your toilet and replace your old brush.

  •  Silicone pins 10x more hygienic than a regular brush
  • Deep clean your toilet with the flat head
  • Adhesive patch to stick on the wall included

A collection of BRUSH toilet cleaners mounted on a wall

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the holder have a base?

Yes, all our brush holders come with a base to capture any drips. Please be wary of fake replicas that have no base.

Can the holder be placed on the floor or mounted?

Yes, the holder can be placed on the floor or wall mounted, whatever you prefer. Each order comes with a free pair of adhesive wall mounts.

Can the base be cleaned?

Yes, the holder has a detachable ventilation slot so you can empty and clean the base when needed.

How do you clean the holder once attached to the wall?

Once you have attached your holder to the wall using the adhesive wall mount hooks, you can slide the holder from the wall hook for easy cleaning and re-attach once cleaned.

What is the best way to clean the brush?

You can pour hot or cold water on the brush head to keep it fresh and clean.

Does the toilet brush & holder come with wall mounts?

Yes, each Toilet Brush & Holder set come with a free pair of wall mounts.

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Modern Home Flexible Silicone Toilet Brush